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Eligibility and FAQ's

What type of services do you provide?

Financial assistance with past due utilities and rent, prescription medications, food, finding employment and/or returning to school, referrals for other resources.


How do I apply for assistance?

Click the link below to complete the application of assistance. Someone from our office will contact you in 24-48 business hours to complete an intake interview to see if you qualify.


What are the qualifications for assistance with rent or utilities?

  • Lived in your place of residence for 6 months 

  • Lease or bill is in your name

  • Documented emergency (ex. Illness or death in the family, reduction in work hours or pay, job loss, accident or victim of crime, natural disaster)


How do I apply for assistance with prescription medications?

  • Take your prescription to your local pharmacy so you will know the total amount.

  • Click the "Apply for Assistance" button below or call the office to schedule an intake appointment.

  • Someone from our office will call you to complete an intake interview and let you know what documents are needed. They will also share discount medication programs that could possibly assist with lowering the cost of your medications and other community resources.

  • Amount covered is based on the total cost and availability of funds.

  • Medical supplies may be covered and are looked at on a case by case basis.


Do you pay for hotel stays?

We only cover nights in a hotel if you have been displaced from your home due to fire. You must provide a fire report.


Do you assist with clothing?

We provide clothing vouchers for qualifying individuals in our New Worker Support program only.

Do you take walk-ins

Only for food. Call ahead if possible, to let us know you are coming.


Do I have to be a member of a church to apply for assistance or attend programs?



How long will the appointment take?

We use a case management model to assist individuals with identifying barriers to success along with setting and achieving goals. The time of each appointment varies but kept under 1 hour.

Who do you provide services to?

We do not discriminate or have specific individuals or geographic locations that we service.

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